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First: reading a book about a Republican candidate

As I am getting myself ready to dive into the elections 2016 frenzie I thought it would be wise to gain a better understanding of what motivates a person of “the other side”. So today when I came home a new book was waiting for me: Jeb Bush: The Royal Prince.

Yes, I am with the blue team. Always have been and probably always will be. But since I’ve got the feeling that my weakness in trying to gain some more insight and perspective of this election lies with not knowing the other side to well, I decided to get up to speed by reading a biograpghy on the of the primary candidates of the Republicans.

So in a few day I’ll be back to write about this book and how it might have changed my perspectives, or not, on how strong he really is in this election.

For now, I stumbled accross this article and to me this is telling me exactly why Bush is not on track with the global hegemony of this time. Really, going to Europe and in particular Eastern Europe to strengthen America’s commitment to stand firm against Putin? As a West European person I consider this as part of a political opportunist charm: to show the people at home that you are serious with defending Europe against Putin.  But mostly it is an act to be in the media as the person who speaks out against the ‘ weak’ Obama/Clinton foreign policy.

In my opion the US has much more important foreign policy matters where there has to be a clear mission on how to handle things. Europe doesn’t need a Republican candidate who wants to please the hardliners in his party with singing old Cold War rhetoric. Does days of politics or far gone.

Or not….

Bush on a charm mission to Europe

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