Elections 2016, Strong women

Here we go

Everyday Americans need a champion. I want to be that champion.

It’s very plain and simple. It’s the yes we can of 2008. And somehow everything is really different.

Today, I’ll watch the official launch of of Hillary Clinton for President at Roosevelt Island, New York. I’m so excited for all this campaign buzz that I’m trying to cover as much news as I can. In the evenings I’m finishing the book on Jeb Bush, which is quite dissapointing.

The book itself is written like a Wikipedia article, crammed with all kinds of information that’s not useful and never does it go beyond the facts. Where is the analysis? The author clearly wanted to introduce him, but I am left with more questions than answers after reading this book.

What the book does confirm is my own idea that in the long run the Bush family will stand firm and that when it comes to money, his campaign will be the one where money will make the difference in getting enough attention.

So what are my hopes for the vision of Hillary?

  • I hope she will stand above party doctrine and speak to all Americans
  • I hope she will talk about the importance of good education and women rights
  • I hope she will share here vision of how the United States can capture the hopes and dreams of all of us
  • I hope she will mention climate change, fare trade partnerships and global interests
  • And mostly I am hoping that she will be able to speak freely, to go off text if necessary, to feel the energy of the people and give it back to everyone present, and following.

If she is able to use the rhetoric skills of Obama, to let us all feel that she and we can make a difference, then I’,m convinced that here campaign will move full swing into motion.

This is her moment, and she is not standing in anyone’s shadow today. Like Eleanor Roosevelt once said

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

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