My oh my, I thought my journal here would receive more regular updates.

It is more difficult than I thought to keep up with my readings and follow the campaign trail. There are so many different things at play here that I am struggling to put things in perspective, and be on top of it. Maybe I should try to bring my focus around the Clinton trail, but the Republican battle is interesting to watch as well.

So where do we stand?

Clinton has suffered some setbacks with the constant attacks on her and her emails. Just last week the Republicans admitted that the Benghazi committee was maybe also intentend to hurt her campaign. And that was quite the buzz for a couple of days.

I see her in the news but then I don”t. She making news, headlines, but her story is lost in the middle. And that can’t be good.

She can make a difference with the gun debate after the Oregon shooting, but she has to be more bold about it.

It must be so interesting to work inside a campaing, to be on top  of things alle the time!

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